The Costly Problem of Water in Your Fuel Tank 

You’ll already know that filters blocked with nasty sludge, pump damage, engine failure and poor fuel economy are all costly side effects of the oh-so-common water contaminated fuel. But did you know that water contamination manifests in different ways and that most “water removal” products only deal with part of the problem? That is until now…. 



Don’t Fall Victim to Only Half a Solution! 

Standard filters and other water absorbers on the market only remove the free water from fuel. That is the water you can see as a layer at the bottom of the tank, leaving the problematic bio-bound suspended and emulsified water content that is so common in today's biofuel remaining. Can you risk the costs, repairs and downtime caused as a result of not acting on all of the water content in your fuel tank?




Aquafighter: The Complete Solution to Water in Fuel 

Aquafighter is the only absorbent product that also removes the suspended and emulsified water that is bound to the fuel molecules making it appear cloudy or milky. By simply placing the Aquafighter in the tank through the largest opening, the diesel tank water absorber keeps fuel water-free until it reaches capacity. It can then be easily retrieved and replaced to prevent for further protection/




How You Can Benefit from Aquafighter:

By keeping your fuel tank entirely water-free, Aquafighter helps eliminate all of the costly downtime, maintenance and repairs to your fuel system and machinery that contaminated fuel causes.

  • Capture and remove free, bound AND emulsified water 

  • Prevent diesel bug from forming, and it’s consequent problems

  • Keep fuel as clear and as bright as the day it was delivered

  • Use directly in the storage or machinery tank (no fuel removal needed)  

  • Eliminate the need for most diesel fuel additives  

  • Reduce filter replacements by around 60%  

  • Reduce the need for regular tank cleaning  

  • Protect tank and machinery engines from corrosion  

  • Exceed EN590 standards – 100% efficient at reducing water to <75ppm 


Don’t Just Take Our Word for It! 

Over 7000 lab tests showed 100% efficiency in water content removal to under 70ppm (90% of tests were performed by 2 of the world’s largest fuel producers). Testing of B7 diesel at the renowned Saybolt Laboratories showed 100% efficiency to less than 64ppm and after more than 1-week exposure, as low as 40ppm. The untreated sample tested at 363ppm. 


Take control of water in your fuel today!

Whether it’s water in your bulk fuel storage tank, 
your genset belly tank or your onboard agri or plant
machinery tank, there is an Aquafighter to tackle your issue.

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