Centre Tank Services Ltd have been leading trade distributors of fuel dispensing, storage tank, AdBlue™ and lubrication equipment since 1987. Over the last 30 years, CTS have built a trusted reputation for quality products, excellent stockholding and a level of service that our customers can rely on, to in turn offer their customers a great service. Here's where we add our value...


A longstanding, trusted source of supply

Since 1987 we have worked closely with OEM tank manufacturers and established a resale customer base with fuel suppliers, generator companies, oil heating installers, hydraulic engineers and industrial resellers to name a few. 30 years supplying the fuel storage and fluid handling industry gives you confidence in our ability to support your business in reselling our products.


Quality products to uphold your reputation

As the UK agent for Italian manufacturer Piusi and importers of other major brands, we ensure a quality range to uphold ours and your reputation when selling it on. With a longer life span and performance that can be relied upon, our offering can prevent the hassle and cost of returns, downtime and premature replacements frequently incurred by cheaper, lower quality alternatives.


Large stockholding for speedy dispatch

Our highly trained sales department are on hand to offer pre-sale product selection advice and our experienced technical team are available for post-sale product support. Our 14,000 sq ft. warehouse stocks over 2,000 product lines at any one time for immediate dispatch, with a designated testing area giving you confidence that our products are subject to in-house testing.


Pre-sale product selection advice


You can rely on our knowledgeable sales team available at the end of the phone for any pre-sale advice you may need. They are there to help you pick the right product, whether it's straight forward, something more technical or application specific. Prevent the hassle and cost of returns if it’s not correct... just contact our sales team today!


Quick responses when you need them 


Whether you’re contacting us requesting a quotation, enquiring about an application, asking for an update on your order status or requiring support from one of our technical team, our regular communication and quick response times means that you can offer a good service to your customer without experiencing any delays.


We help you sell! 

If you’re reselling our products on, we can offer support to make it easier for you to sell them! From product training, to the branding of products and free of charge literature with your logo on. Increase sales by increasing your product knowledge and without the expenditure on marketing materials. Just give us a call to find out more.


After-sales support you can rely on 

Our after-sale support means your customer issues can be troubleshooted efficiently even when you aren't sure of the answer.  One of the team will always be happy to speak to your customer on your behalf, that way we can cut out the middle man and get the problem solved as soon as possible… and you can take credit for the good service!



OEM kits tailored to your needs

We can design and build bespoke kits for our OEM customers which are tailored to meet their equipment or tank design. By shipping a ready to install product, we can save you the cost and the time associated with having to assemble numerous individual components.


Quality Policy

Centre Tank Services aim to meet customers' requirements for contracts, delivery and service to ensure we are considered a premier supplier. Operating a comprehensive quality programme enables us to monitor continual improvement and its effectiveness. The company has achieved full ISO 9001:2010 accreditation and sets very high standards in the way it operates its business.

Centre Tank Services Ltd are the parent company of marine and industrial pump supplier Castle Pumps Ltd and water pump specialists to the agricultural and industrial markets Whisper Pumps Ltd.

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