Our Alarm, Your Branding

If you’re a tank manufacturer who will be installing tank level alarms on many of the tanks you sell, or a supplier of storage tank equipment with a large customer base, then like your existing customer base you will probably benefit most from holding stock. When this is the case, we can offer you our CTS alarms branded with your logo so the products look like yours and you reap the benefits…

Branded CTS Alarms

What our tank alarm branding solutions do for you:

  • Get the future sales - Whether the tank owner needs to replace an old model, or another potential customer has seen it on the market, they will know to come to you to buy it.

  • Reinforce your brand - Your name is out there on storage tanks for companies to see day in day out, which increases awareness of your company name.

  • Language personalisation – You can have some of the wording on our labels translated into to your local language for your customer’s easy identification.

Our branded tank level alarm options

We are able to add your logo to the top of our multizone fuel tank alarm, as well as amend the whole front label of our economy level and bund alarms to meet your colour scheme and language. For our worldwide customers, we can also translate the alarm instruction manuals into your local language. Above is an example of the branded economy alarms we did for one of our distributors in France who are an OEM of storage tank equipment, and stock and supply our multi-zone and economy tank level alarm throughout France and Africa. On our bund/double wall tank compartment alarm, they wanted the word "Fuite" to represent the word "Leak" in French, which we were able to accomodate.

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